Curriculum Vitæ Matteo Ghetta

Personal Data

Date of birth: 18/09/1986

Address: Via Josef Seeber 8, 39031 Brunico (BZ)

Phone: +39-348-9523719


C.F.: GHTMTT86P18B220I


2014 Laurea (master) degree cum laude in Environmental Sciences (University of Bologna). Title of the thesis: Hydrogeochemical characterization of Seehausen territory - Bremen

2009 Laurea (bachelor) degree in Foreign Languages (Università di Firenze)

Professional affiliations

2019 QGIS coordinator of the documentation team

2016 - 2019 Co-Founder of the Italian QGIS User Group

2014 - 2019 - Associazione Italiana per l'Informazione Geografica Libera - Geographic Free/Open-Source Software. Socio

Professional activities

2019 Consulenza in ambito QGIS e QField per comune di Bolzano

2019 Algorithm to study the noise dispersion of vehicles

2019 Consultancy andd supporton cartographic systems based upon open source for e-distribuzione Inc.

2019 Porting del plugin GarminCustomMap per QGIS 3

2018 Porting of the 3 plugin for QGIS 3

2018 - 2019 QGIS plugin to implement the biodiversity MedSens index

2018 pyqgis (QGIS3) script development to extract visible area from a terrain model

2018 3D development for QGIS 3

2018 Bug fixing dello script QProto per QGIS 2 e porting dello script QProto come plugin per QGIS 3

2017 - 2018 Development of core components for QGIS 3

2017 Raster data consultancy, resizing and resampling

2017 - 2018 Processing documentation enhancements funded by the Grant Proposal system of QGIS.ORG

2016 - 2017 Automatic test creation for Processing plugin in QGIS

2016 Installation and configuration of a WebGIS system for the University of Milano (Politecnico) and the Province of Varese

2015 - 2017 FREEWAT plugin development for QGIS

2015 Geochemical data analysis: statistical analysis and map production

2013 - 2014 Customization of QGIS as a Health mapping tool for World Health Organization (WHO)

Teaching experiences

Teacher - Course of Python and QGIS: pyqgis and python scripting for Politecnico di Torino (10/06/2019 ~ 12/06/2019)

Teacher - GIS Analysis Training Course with QGIS, Pontedera, Italy (07/05/2019 ~ 09/05/2019)

Teacher - Advanced QGIS and pyqgis training for PNZ, Ljubljana, Slovenia (15/04/2019 ~ 17/04/2019)

Teacher - Cartography with QGIS training (01/04/2019 ~ 03/04/2019)

Teacher - GIS cartography Training Course with QGIS, Pontedera, Italy (26/02/2019 ~ 28/02/2019)

Teacher - Advanced training of QGIS for Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia (20/11/2018 ~ 22/11/2018)

Teacher - Advanced training on GFOSS tools (PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Gdal, PyQGIS) (14/11/2018 ~ 15/11/2018)

Teacher - Analysis with QGIS 3 course (15/10/2018 ~ 19/10/2018)

Teacher - Advanced training of QGIS for Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia (18/09/2018 ~ 26/09/2018)

Teacher - Course of Python and QGIS: pyqgis and plugin (18/06/2018 ~ 20/06/2018)

Teacher - QGIS training course for Sierra Leone Water Company (21/05/2018 ~ 23/05/2018)

Teacher - GIS Analysis Training Course with QGIS, Pontedera, Italy (09/05/2018 ~ 11/05/2018)

Teacher - Update to QGIS 3 training, Pontedera, Italy (16/02/2018 ~ 16/02/2018)

Teacher - GIS cartography Training Course with QGIS, Pontedera, Italy (13/02/2018 ~ 15/02/2018)

Teacher - Training for raster data in QGIS, Regione Piemonte (16/01/2018 ~ 18/01/2018)

Teacher - Introduction in QGIS training, PostGIS and Webgis (16/11/2017 ~ 21/12/2017)

Teacher - Advanced QGIS analysis training and introduction to plugin scripting (06/11/2017 ~ 08/11/2017)

Teacher - GIS Analysis Training Course with QGIS, Pontedera, Italy (23/10/2017 ~ 25/10/2017)

Teacher - Analysis with QGIS course (16/10/2017 ~ 19/10/2017)

Teacher - Analysis with QGIS course (24/10/2016 ~ 28/10/2016)

Teacher - Analysis with QGIS course (26/10/2015 ~ 29/10/2015)

Teacher - Analysis with QGIS course (01/10/2014 ~ 31/10/2014)

Seminars & conferences

2019 Participation at QGIS Summer Camp

2019 Talk "QGIS, a perspective" during the Time in Space conference (Pisa)

2019 Participation in QGIS HackFest XXI (A Coruña, Spain)

2019 Talk "D3 Plots With DataPlotly Plugin for QGIS" during the international QGIS user conference

2019 Participation in 4th Italian QGIS hackfest (Padova)

2019 Talk on "The development of QGIS, who pays?" at FOSS4G-IT 2019 - Padova

2018 Participation in 3rd Italian QGIS hackfest (Viterbo)

2018 Participation at INPUT 2018 conference with two talks

2018 Workshop "PyQGIS and QGIS 3" at the meeting GIT 2018 - Sarzana

2018 Participation in QGIS hackfest XIX (Funchal, Madeira, Portugal)

2018 Participation in QGIS HackFest XX (Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania)

2018 Talk on "QGIS 3: news and development" at FOSS4G-IT 2018 - Rome

2018 Workshop "Introduction to QGIS3" at the meeting FOSS4G-IT 2018 - Rome

2017 Participation in 2nd Italian QGIS hackfest (Padova)

2017 Participation in QGIS hackfest XVIIi (Nodebo, Denmark)

2017 Participation in 1st Italian QGIS hackfest (Bologna)

2017 Talk on "Il plugin FREEWAT per QGIS per la gestione sostenibile delle risorse idriche superficiali e sotterranee" at FOSS4G-IT 2017 - Genova

2015 Participation in QGIS hackfest XIII (Nodebo, Denmark)

2014 Matteo Ghetta, Paolo Cavallini - "New translation infrastructure for QGIS: Transifex" at GFOSS Day 2014, Ancona, Italy

2014 Participation in QGIS hackfest XII (Essen, Germany)

2013 Matteo Ghetta, Paolo Cavallini - "Help yourself: modi alternativi per contribuire a QGIS" at GFOSS Day 2013, Bologna, Italy

2013 Participation in QGIS hackfest X (Brighton, UK)


English (excellent); Spanish (good); German (good); Russian (rudiments)

Scientific publications

  1. Borsi I., Rossetto R., Cannata M., De Filippis G., and Ghetta M. 2016, Open Source for Water Management: including capabilities of MODFLOW-OWHM in the FREEWAT GIS modelling environment PeerJ Preprints

Popular and technical papers

  1. Turicchia, E., Cerrano, C., Ghetta, M., Abbiati, M., Ponti, M. 2018, From collecting data to the development of marine environmental status monitoring tools: The new level of Citizen Science 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium

  2. De Filippis, G., Borsi, I., Ghetta, M., & Rossetto, R. 2017, The FREEWAT platform for the assessment of water availability and quality Acque Sotterranee-Italian Journal of Groundwater, 6(3)

Conference abstracts

  1. De Filippis G., Rizzo D., Triana F., Ghetta M., Borsi I., Bonari E., and R. Rossetto 2016, ICT tools for enhancing sustainable water management in rural environment European Society for Agronomy (ESA), Edinburgh

  2. De Filippis G., Triana F., Ghetta M., Borsi I., Bonari E., and R. Rossetto 2016, Enhancing water resource management in rural areas by means of simulation tools 43rd IAH CONGRESS, Montpellier

  3. Šimek J., Boukalová Z., Rossetto R., Sabbatini T., Triana F., Ghetta M., Bonari E. De Filippis G., Borsi I., Foglia L., and M. Cannata 2016, Enhancing participatory approach in water resources management: development of a survey to evaluate stakeholders needs and priorities related to software capabilities AGU Fall Meeting 2016, San Francisco