QGIS plugins developed by Faunalia

We have developed many plugin for QGIS. We provide custom development and support for all the plugin you need, just write us an email at info@faunalia.eu and we will work to fit all your needs.

Some of our plugin:


DataPlotly is a plugin for QGIS 3 that allows the creation of interactive D3 like plots.

Visit the pagina dedicata for more information about this plugin.

RT Omero

A plugin to create complex building database with field data integration. Designed for a specific use in Tuscany it can be easily extented to other use cases.

At this link you can find the source code of the project, while the user manual is available here.


It allows to split the screen in two or more panels, that can be panned and zoomed both in sync and independently. In QGIS 3 this has become a native function.

AniMove, Triangulation, RandomHR

See Animove


EarthQuake Catalogue Analysis Plugin


Adds Make valid and Build area to Processing.

PS Tools

Expose PS Tools to Processing.

PS Time series Viewer

Computation and visualization of time series of speed for Permanent Scatterers derived from satellite interferometry.


Processing algorithms to estimate the amount of permafrost in soils from meteo data.


Calcolo si superfici e blocchi franosi.

RT Qspider

Convert the selected table to an event layer (based on an X,Y pair) or to a spider diagram (based on two X,Y pairs).

Transformation Tools

Help using NTv2 grids or towgs84 parameters to transform -or reproject on the fly- vectors and rasters. Developing with funding from Regione Emilia Romagna.

Older plugins

  • Linear referencing plugin
  • ARPAT plugin
  • SpatiaLite Manager
  • RT Postgres Extractor
  • RT Sql Layer
  • RT MapServer Exporter